Using the best facial ice pack to treat post procedure

Usually when performing dental or non invasive surgical procedures you will need to reduce swelling afterwards. Sending your patients home with nothing and telling them to put a bag of peas on their face is amateur hour. I mean really? Peas and corn?

If you run a successful practice and consider yourself an authority in the industry then why would you ever do this?  It’s unprofessional and outdated.   I can understand if you are living in the 60’s and you don’t have access to modern methods of cooling the face such as a round facial ice pack 

This is the best design for treating procedures around the eye and cheek area.  It’s round design helps because there are no sharp corners to poke at the eyes.  Another thing you can do with this that you can’t do with a big old bag of peas is put your company info and logo on it. 

This gives you HUGE bang for your buck as then it will work to drive referrals to your practice.  So for just over a buck per patient you can send them home with a premium product that they can reuse over and over every time they are in pain. 

They will see your logo and whatever else you want to print on there, I would suggest a website and phone number, and they will think of the great experience they had at your practice.  How powerful would it be if you had a constant reminder of your business in their home at all times?

Damn powerful!  When your patients pay you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get facial procedures done, don’t you think it would be wise to spend just a couple bucks on making sure they leave feeling as comfortable as possible with the best customized ice packs on the market?  You can’t possibly answer no to this question if you care even a little bit about the wellbeing of your patients. 

With modern medical advances and marketing methods being available these days why wouldn’t you take advantage of these things that are guaranteed to make your patients feel comfortable, safe, and valued?